Feb 14, 2008


Re-Introducing LOVE
You don't see enough of it.
Not because it isn't around
But because people aren't looking.
Stop for a second and look.
It's there.
All you have to do is use it.
Send it with flowers for your girl.
Take it home to your wife.
Hand carry it to Mother or Dad.
Wear it around the neighborhood
Salute the flag with it.
Share it with the rest of the world.
Love is 100% better than hate.
It does things and it gets things done.
With less effort.
At no cost.
You never have to replace it.
Because you never run out of it.
Love keeps fresh.
24 hours a day.
And the funny thing about it is,
The more you give of it,
The more you get out of it.
LOVE. Use it everyday.
It works.

Author Unknown

Happy Valentine's Day !!!
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