Feb 25, 2008

100,000 Posts on SCS!!!

Forum Fanatic !!!

Can you believe it ? I just noticed it today when I was posting .

I actually did 100, 000 post on SCS. It keeps me wondering

who was the luckly person that I made my comment on when it hit


Anyway, I am a Forum Fanatic. I always wondered about those

labels when I first started posting. They have such cool names.

Thought this was worth sharing.


Barbara Welch said...

Congrats Chat! That is a ton of typing and time spent on SCS!! Way to go Girl!

Alhambra Club said...

wow, that is awesome, I need to post more on SCS don't do it enough and there are so many fantastic creations to ohhh and ahhh about over there.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for always leaving me a nice comment!!! You are to kind!!!

Dawn Easton said...

Holy moly girl! That's HUGE! Congrats...lol
I think I'm in the 3000 range...ahha!

~amy~ said...

WOWZA! That's a mondo amount of posts!!! Congrats!

Maren said...

CONGRATS! A forum fanatic, uh??

jean said...

Congrats on 100,000, that's fabulous
Everything you do is so awesome


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