Feb 19, 2008

Stamps Mounted in Dominoes

A Little Bit of Happiness
Mr. Brown guy dropped me this box last night, that contains Stamps, Stamps and Stamps.
So what is a woman to do but to put them together.
This is one of the sets that I am dying to use.
However, before I can use it, I have to mount it first. They showed this set at the Regionals and she have them mounted in Dominoes. How cool is that?
I was a little skeptical, because I really didn't want to trim my rubber image but it actually worked. You just have to be super careful. I made 20 individual Dominoes.
Mounting Instructions:

  1. The domino has this metal pin around the center and you wanted to make sure you take it out, so when you mount your image it will stay flat.
  2. Trim your rubber using the Rubber Scissors and be extra careful.
  3. Mount the rubber on the side where the dots are. (see pic).
  4. Make card samples, (hopefully tomorrow).
Thanks for stopping by.

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