Feb 19, 2008

A Tag is a Tag is a Tag...

I have been tagged by Sheryl (Sheryl's Memories in the Making))

1. Stamping Style: I tend to do more images that I can color.
2. Inspiration: New stamp sets, Colors and Anything that catches my eye-that is enough inspiration for me.
3. Color: Browns
4. Work Space: My whole loft area is my very own little corner.
5. Perfect day: Hmmm. Just the whole day to myself is perfect enough.
6. First Job: I worked as a "proof reader" in Chicago.
7. Wildest dream: To visit every island there is.
8. Ink: I love Stampin'UP inks
9. Family: My DH Charlie, 3 Boyz , a stepdaughter named Ana, and Pappi (our wild Cuckateel)
10. Beverage: Diet Coke (Forever)
11. Biggest Challenge: It's the big things and the little things in life that happen when you least expect it.
I'm tagging:
Jean (Bear Hugs and Inky Paws)

Laura( Wish You Were Here)

Jackie (The Scalloped Edge )
Thanks for stopping by.


Laura said...

Thanks, Chat, this is a fun tag! Have a great night!

Sheryl said...

Thank you for playing along. Very interesting to know more about you. :0) Have a wonderful week!!!

Maren said...

Thanks for sharing!

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