Nov 18, 2012

Wonderful Day

Hello Peeps !!!

Happy Birthday to Me!

What a perfect day to celebrate my special day- started out with a hearty breakfast with my kids and the rest of the family. I had the best Pumpkin Pancakes for breakfast, over medium eggs, bacon and cinnamon apples on the side...and coffee, coffee, coffee. I had been partying since yesterday-went to lunch with my oldest son and his family yesterday and got to spent time with Cade-a-rooni , a movie with my DH ( sat with my BFF who happened to be in the same movie that we planned to watch) and then went to cosmic BINGO which was a lot of fun. My number came out a lot (18) last night. and this afternoon, a broadway show (Anything Goes) with my DH.
And the presents- WOW!!! pink roses from my sweet brother and guess what- a new camera from my kids that I had been wanting so bad.  I can't wait to use it !!!! Anf of course more presents.....

I am having a wonderful day... and thank you for a wonderfully wonderful family and friends that remembered my birthday!!!!! muuuuah !!!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a wonderful day stampin'
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