Feb 20, 2008

3 x 3 Cards Giveaway !!!

A Little Bit of Happiness
Here are some 3 x3 cards that I did to make
samples of the set -A Little Bit of Happiness.
I was able to stamp the image I want individually.
I added these cute ribbons as embellishments and it only took me less than 30 minutes.

But these cards have no box or folder.
I need some participation if you have any ideas for these 3 x 3 cards to hold them in.

Just send me the link if you see anything that

would be great for these 3 x3 cards
and post them here.
Just for the fun of it,
I will giveaway all the 3 x3 cards
that I made along with
the box or folder I chose.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anyone is welcome to play along.


mudmaven said...

Hi Chat! 3x3 cards are a favorite of mine and I made tons to give as xmas gifts. I made up (although I'm sure there are many others out there too) a template for a pop-top style box. You can get it on my website:

I've used it in workshops and it has been a big hit too as it is so easy if you have a scoring insert for your cutter. I just got a ScorPal but haven't tried this box yet, but I'll bet it will make it even easier. Thanks ~chris

Sara said...

Here's a cute box that will hold these cards:


I did not make it but it was the first thing I thought of when you mentioned a box to hold these little cards!!

Flossie's Follies said...

these cards are great, see you already have two links.

Sheryl said...

Wowza...these are great cards. You did a nice job with them and SO fast too. Here are a few that I liked and have tried...




Sheryl :0)

Krista said...

i made 3x3 some cards this Christmas and gave them away as gifts, i cased the project from a posting on SplitCoast using the Season of Joy stamp set. I bought a jar from Wal-Mart for $2.95, check out this posting: http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/708976?si=jar%20o%20cards

the credit should go to csoule! i also added a little something extra, i recently discovered "Uppercase Living." the consultant i met was selling one word expressions she had printed up, i added the word "Believe" on the front of the jar. this could be achieved using the new rub-ons from SU!


Marja Sch said...

Lovely cards just great.

Maren said...

Here is a box I made for a Valentine gift set: http://zanynotcrazy.blogspot.com/2008/02/valentine-gifts.html

The tutorial came from the VERY talented Andrea Walford: http://andreawalford.com/?page_id=85

Have fun!

pescbrico said...

I love the fact you used them individualy! :) Lovely 3X3 cards!

erinkmckinney (stampininthesun) said...


I will be back after I find something to put them in!

Stephanie said...

super cute! love the way you mounted that stamp set too! my quick ideas: 1) chipboard coaster box - somehow take 5 of them, decorate and put them together like a box...1 on the bottom, 4 sides standing up, and for the top? well, i don't know. 2) a CD case, that is one case for each instead of all 20 of them. 3) a decorated baby wipe container, i think that would fit them all in 2 stacks. okay, that's all i have for now.

young said...

How about an origami box? Tutorial at: http://kwernerdesign.com/blog/tutorials/
from a fellow blogger.

denise said...

Super cute cards!! I took a pic of a Simply Scrappin kit that made up a bazillion 3x3 cards and a small box template for the cards - i'll post it on my blog as soon as i recreate it!

Ret said...

hi Chat, I just happened across your blog, but you can bet I'll be back often, your 3x3's are super little cards. They came out lovely.

I think you have lots of boxes to try now, so I'll not repeat any links.

You do beautiful work!

Patty W said...

Wow...I don't have any ideas for you at the moment , but these are Gorgeous!!

Too , too cute!

jackie said...

cute cute cute...don't they somewhere have a box template just for these?! big help I am (smile)

Roni said...

Chat that is really cute cards. I choose this box:

I like that one. Pretty simple and nice.

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