Mar 15, 2008

Tagged, I'm It !!!

Lisa (My Little Ink Spot)tagged me and to share 7 Random/ Facts about me.
So, here goes.

1. Do I like to fly or drive?
If I have a choice, I would rather drive. I hate flying.
2. How do I drink my coffee?
I take my coffee with cream and sugar. If I have French Vanilla cream, then I skipped the sugar.
3. Do I like to iron?
Yes, I iron almost always. it's like a movie date-my iron and me. I watched movies while I am ironing.
4. Would I rather have ice cream or cake ?
Cake, definitely especially if it's carrot cake.
5. What is my shoe size?
5, sometimes 51/2 . I have small feet only because I am 5 feet 2" barefoot.
6. On a rainy day, what would be the one thing I would most likely to do?
I would like to curl in bed with a good book.
7. Lastly, do I know how many stamps sets I own?
No, and for some reason I can never have enough.

I am tagging:
Carolina (Carolina's Creative Pad)
Jessie (Can You Say Addicted to Stamps)
Catherine (Inksomnia)
Thanks ladies for playing along.


Lisa said...

I knew we were alike in more ways than one! I take my coffe the *exact* same way, and I would much rather drive somewhere than fly. I like it because there's more to see when you're driving. :)

Thanks for playing along, Chat. Have a good weekend! :)

Marisa said...

Nice to find out a bit about you. Can I bring my ironing to your house?? :) NOT my favorite thing to do, but I watch TV when I'm doing it so I can at least multi-task :) I'm with you on reading a good book in bed -- only wish I could do it more than once a year or so!

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