Feb 25, 2011

Eight Things You Do Not Know About Me....

Hello Peeps !!!

Happy Friday !!!

...but you are about to find out.
First of all, I wanted to thank two wonderful bloggers  - Linda ( Polka Dots and Paper) and Andrea ( Just Because I love to Play)  for sending me this Stylish Blogger Award my way. It was so sweet of them to give me this award and I am more than happy to send it to 8 wonderful bloggers.

Recipients of the Stylish Blogger Award are asked to... 1) Thank the donor... 2) Link to the donor's blog... 3) Share eight personal tidbits... 4) Pass the award to eight other blogs... 5) Leave a comment on each.

# 8. My husband is a twin.
# 7. All my boy's names start with the letter "A".
# 6. I do not like mushrooms.
# 5. I wear a size 5 shoes
# 4. I love Jack Bauer on "24".
# 3. I usually stamp standing up.
# 2. I love to sing Karoeke when no one is home.
# 1. If I have a million dollars, guess what is going to be on my top list to buy- stamps!

Sending this Stylish Blogger Award to:
Jean ( Bear Hugs and Inky Paws)
Tracey ( Addict Stamper)
Cheryl ( Stamping Hideout)
Kristin ( Sunshine, Smiles and Stamps= Lovin' Life)
Julie ( Julie's Stamp Journal)
Susan ( Created with Love)
Angie ( Schwoo!)
Brooke ( My Neck of the Woods)

Thanks for stopping by.
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