Jan 1, 2011

A Year in Pictures

Hello Peeps !!!

Happy New Year !!!
Let me just say that 2010 was full of adventure, fun and great memories of family and friends that make my life truly meaningful. I wish I could capture all these sweet memories of a lifetime in pictures but there are some memories that just stay in your heart... and nourish your soul. 
Here are a few of my 2010 memories in a scrapbook page. Hope you like it.

Reflections for the Year 2011


J -ust when you thought
U- have everything under control
S-omething happens unexpectedly,
T-ake a moment and just

E-verything will take its course
A-nd in due time. Be
T-hankful and HE will guide your path

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a wonderful stampin' day


Vicki said...

Love that scrapbook page Chat!!! You and your family are adorable!!!

Marisa said...

Great pictures :) Wishing you a a fabulous 2011 and look forward to seeing your creations.

Wanda Cullen said...

What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing your pics!

Marilyn (mlj-mlj) said...

Nice page of pictures! Awesome little poem. Happy New Year!

scrappingnana said...

Very nice layout. Love the little poem also. Thanks for sharing.

Sue from Oregon said...

What a lovely poem. I shared it with a friend facing a huge challenge in her life. Thanks for sharing with me!

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