Oct 20, 2010

Me, My Stamps and My Blog

Hello Peeps !!!
Happy Wednesday !!!

Having an idle time yesterday, I started to think of the wonderful things that got me into blogging and here are the things I came up with.

Ten Reasons Why I Blog?
(not necassarily in order of importance or occurence)

10.  To share what I love- stamping !!!
  9.  Showing new techniques and new ideas that inspire me and hopefully inspire you.
  8.  Communicating to other bloggers that share the same passion as I do.
  7.   Enjoying the challenges that I get to post on my blog on a regular basis.
  6.   It is my "ME TIME" where I can just be me.
  5.   It's a passion- a form of self expression and self gratification.
  4.   Just the simple joy it brings me when I finished a card and be able to share it.
  3.   Just being able to touch everyone with my work and vice versa.
  2.   It's like having coffee with women from all over the place.
  1.   And for 8, 675 other reasons that I can think of.
NEED I Say More?
All I know is that it has been a celebration from day one since I started this blog.
Celebrating the simple joy of blogging, celebrating new friends that I meet from all walks of life, and celebrating the hours of fun creating !!!

As Promised I am announcing the BLOG WINNER  TODAY AND IT IS #185-
congratulations on 1,000,000 hits, that is so awesome!!! You have a great blog, I check it routinely. www.stampinrx.blogspot.com
Please e-mail me with your address, so I can send you your blog candy!!!

Thank you all so much for playing and thank you for all the wonderful comments. Believe me they are very much appreciated!!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a wonderful day stampin'
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