Jan 13, 2008

Two's Two

I have been tagged by this talented stamper Nancy Morgan (Paper Smiles) .
Here's how it goes. The answer come in two's and when youb are done, add your own question to the list and then it's your turn to tagged two people.
1. Name two favorite Scrapbooking topics.
Kids and Travel
2. What are the 2 best places you've been to?
I love Napa Valley and Kauai
3. Name two things you do everyday
I go through my e-mails and do family time.
4. Name two things that pretty much everyone knows about you.
Everyone knows I love stamping and that I drink Diet Coke.
5. What are your two favorite stores?
Jo-anns and Michaels
6. What are your two favorite accessories that you want to scrap/stamp with?
I used ribbons and eyelets/brads more often than not.
7. What are your two favorite occasions you make cards for?
Birthdays and Christmas
8. What are your two favorite SU cardstock colors?
Chocolate Chip and Soft Sky
9. Name two of your all time favorite all time SU sets.
This is hard because I have more than two. If have to choose
on the present SU catty sets, it will be Priceless and Embrace Life.
10. If you had to choose two of the current SU In colors to make it in big catty, which two
would you choose?
Soft Sky and Purely Pomegranate
11. Who are your two favorite authors?
I love to read books of John Girsham and James Patterson
12. (Here's my question?) What is the most challenging part for you when making a card?
For me, it will be the overall layout and/or symmetry.

Now the two people that I tagged: Pesc (Pescbrico) and Amy (Silly Stamper).

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pescbrico said...

Thanks for thinking of tagging me! :)

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