Jun 4, 2008

A Day Camping

How would you like to wake up....

...and see this view and be totally drawn to this vast beauty. I know the pic doesn't do justice.
Sometimes, you just got to be "there" to really
appreciate it. This is what I call the little pleasures in life that is totally guilt free that we can take advantage of and ENJOY !!!
With my hiking boots and H2O, that's exactly what I did.
The weather was beautiful and the night was gorgeous. I have never seen so many stars at night.

Thanks for looking.

The sunset was just amazing.
I just wish I could have captured it better.

We stopped at the historic
Route 66 on our way


specialcraftmom4 said...

Where did you go? We went camping last weekend at The Huzzah River Valley in Mo...It is SO pretty! The river is so clear and fun to play in. We also had a wonderful time (:

Arcticstamper said...

I have family in the Mojave Desert, it can be beautiful, especially when it storms. If you ever get a chance you should check out Joshaua Tree Nat. Park- talk about hikes and beauty! Nice sunset! Glad you had a great time!

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