Mar 25, 2008

Party-ing in Vegas

Admit Two (2)
Happy Tuesday !!! I am still pretty tired from last weekend...too much partying in Vegas (lol). From the time we got there, it has been non stop and you kinda just go with the flow. We saw Fergie's concert at Mandalay Bay, and all I can say is that "It was Fergilicious", a band named Carney for the opening act. It wasn't really my kinda concert but the seat was the best. We met Fergie's Mom and Dad who were seating behind us. The highlight of the evening was when my DH told me that he felt something spilled behind his back. He wasn't kidding when I saw red wine stain on his blue polo shirt. Oh well, that's what you

get when you party all night.
We watched also some impersonators which was pretty hilarious.We went cosmic bowling at Red Rock and scored 164 and 141 which was an okay score since I have not bowled for years. I ate a lot, and I mean a lot. We went shopping, too (that was a given when we go there). We also got to watched the boxing fight between Pacquiao/Marquez on DVD at my sister's house, which was gruesome but can't stop watching it.
So that was pretty much why I was tired and has not posted for the last few days. I felt bad not posting but I was having too much of a good thing to feel really bad. And you know what they say, what happened in Vegas, it never happened.


silke said...

OMG - I would love too see her too!!! My girls and I are fan's!!!
Glad you had a great trip...kick back and relax!!!

denise said...

OMG!!! so jealous. I love Fergie {and Black Eyed Peas}- and you met her parents!!!

Lucky.... ;D

Jessie/knightrone said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time!!Good for you!!

Carolina said...

What a fun weekend - so jealous you got to see Fergie in concert - love her!!! Hubby and I are going to Vegas in a couple of weekends...any must not miss things we should make sure to do?

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