Nov 12, 2007

Over The Hill

Yours Truly !!!
Yep, that's me! Another year older. As Maxine says, Don't let your birthday bother you. Just think of it as putting another year "behind" you. That's where I put all of mine. (LOL). Don't you just love her?

My friends at work and fellow stampers gave me a Surprise Birthday Party and wouldn't you know it- I was !!!!! TOTALLY CLUELESS !!!

My dear friend, Barbara I'm sure and more friends at work were in on this together. They managed to keep it it a secret especially after the change in plans when I told them I was going on my vacation 2 days early. So, they had to changed the date. I got a good " Toast and Roast" from friends that knew me way back then, when I was still young and sweet (now old and crochety...not really!) Anyway, they did an awesome job in keeping me (young at heart) that day. My Big Thanks to Everyone !!!!!

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