Nov 10, 2010

Riding the Trails

Hello Peeps !!!

Happy Wedenesday !!!

I did another scrapbook page(s) using " My Digital Studio" and I must say the more I used it, I am getting more comfortable using the textures and embellishments.  The journaling I struggle because I never really know sometimes what to put in it.  I love that the matting is so easy to used, and that you can save the layout you created.  Anyway, The lake is about 20 minutes from our house.  The trails are in the back of the lake and it took us about 20 minues to go down and enjoy the beautiful view. BTW, that cool guy is my DH, who pretty much taught me how to ride.

If you have any tips to share with me using the "My Digital Studio" or if you have some scrapbook
page(s) in your blog, please let me know. I would love to hear from you and see your cool projects.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a wonderful day stampin'


Marisa said...

Great pictures, Chat. Love those big cacti! Loved my trip to AZ about 15 years ago, but it was HOT when we went to Scotsdale. However, the Grand Canyon and the drive from Flagstaff to Sedona was breathtaking with all the red rock etc. Enjoy some trail riding for me :)

Karen B said...

These are fabulous pages. How beautiful. My sister and family just moved to Tempe from Toronto Ontario and everyday she reminds me of how lovely it is there. I am in BC and it's starting to get chilly here but skies are still blue. I love your blog. I visit it often. Thanks for all your inspirational ideas. You are very talents.

Marjori Miller said...

Hey, I have had your blog in my reader for some time and never realized you were from AZ! I'm at I-17 & Greenway Rd!

Howdy "neighbor". ;o)

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