Nov 18, 2009

HB to mE!!!!

Hello and Good evening!!!
I know it's late but I just have to tell you about my day today- because it's my birthday !!!
It was all in all a GRRRREAT day !!!
The whole day today was spent in my Stamp Room and I had the most fun. Most of it really was spent cleaning and organizing. My room has been in a total disaster especially after the week we had our Craft Fair (that's another story). I had quite a bit of cardstock that needs to go to their respective folders, stamping supplies that needed to be put away, unfinished projects that I have set aside waiting to be done. The new 24- Season 7 has been out and what could be better than Jack to keep me entertain while he is saving the day.
On top of that, I had quite a bit of phone calls from family and friends who remembered my big day- Mom and Lola Lucy, my sister who is also celebrating her Wedding Anniversary, my brother, my dear friend Claire from LA, Marc, Ron, Aunt Trudie and Uncle Tony, Elsie, Ryli and even a nice e-mail from the Stampin' Addicts not to mention the wonderful birthday wishes on Facebook, and lots of cards from Rose, Jean, Steph, Michele, Cheryl, Janice, Vera,Pam B Marc and Candace, Allen and Kate Lyn, Chu and Bing.
We had a wonderful dinner with my family and got some wonderful and thoughtful gifts from my kids, and of course from my DH.

Then, as I was going through SCS challenge, my card above on SCS was in the sketch challenge. How cool is that ?
It was a wonderful day ....most definitely !
and tomorrow I get to celebrate it with a real friend and "sister.

Good night everyone!!!


Elaine said...

Happy Birthday Chat! The card is beautiful! Always such a pretty color combo too! :)

Erna Logtenberg said...

Well, congrats to you!!

Desire Fourie said...

Such a lovely card ... perfect for a special friend. Happy belated birthday.

Ellie said...

Happy Bday darling! My Bday was last Saturday :) I'm so happy you had such an amazing day you deserve it! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday! So glad you had a great day!

pescbrico said...

Happy birthday to you! :) I'm glad you had a great day!

Elizabeth Glass said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Love from Elizabeth and ALL the Aunts....:)

Marisa said...

Glad you were able to celebrate your birthday so nicely. Always nice to feel special :D Contrats on being the SC feature too! I just love the layout and hope to be able to get to it this week. Enjoy the rest of your week :D

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