Nov 13, 2007

Let's Play !!!

It's MY Birthday !!!
Speaking of birthdays, I am feeling generous and in a "gift giving" mood and with my counter getting close to 7,000 I am giving away this Blog Candy !!!!!

So when I say Let's Play,it's not about guessing my age. I wanted you to GUESS THE DAY I WAS BORN in November? There are only 30 days in November, so this should be easy. Here's how to play:

1. Only one guess per person
2. If no one guess the exact date, the closest date will be chosen.
3. If there is a tie, then the winner will be chosen in random.
4. The only restriction apply to those who know me. (you know who you are)
5. Please put your answers on this post !
6. The winner will be announced on November 20, 2007 at 5:00 PM (Az Time)
7. Open to all that have US and Canada address

Here is the Blog Prize for the Winner!!!!
So Very Stamp set !!!!!!

I will also give a surprise handstamped gift !!!

So, what are you waiting for and start guessing !!!

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