Oct 27, 2007

Win My Blog Candy!!!

Do you want to play?
WOOHOO!!! My counter reached 1000 and with Halloween coming up, what better way to celebrate by giving away this blog candy!!! I call it the Black Blog Candy !!!
Here are the blog prizes-A black bag that I designed to put all your goodies-100 black brads, 100 black eyelets, black phrase bubbles, black gingham ribbon, 6 small stamps, a black ceramic witch hat candle/with candle.
Here's how to play: No Rules! No wrong answers, Just have some fun!! I am so new at this that I just thought about this idea as I was typing it.
All you have to do is leave comments on my blog and answer the following :
B - log Title or SCS Username
L - ove...
A- bout you...
C- olor
K- eep me informed of what you want to see in my blog
I will announce the winner on Wednesday October 31, 2007 at 9:00pm. Anyone who has US shipping address is eligible to win. Your comment will have a number and the winner will be drawn randomly. Please post comments here.
Thank you for playing.


Elaine said...

I'm number 1 today!!

B - wwww.aplaceforink.blogspot.com/
L - love my kids, husband, family and stampin
A - I first stamped im 1980.....long long ago...
C - all colors are my fave but mostly greens & blues/sea colors I guess...
K - I love seeing great ideas/cards, resources and little ones -kids and babies!! :)

Kelly Jo said...

B- www.kjsstamppad.blogspot.com
L- love my hubby, my dog and my
A- Been stamping for 11 years now
C- Love black
K- thirsty for ideas- cards, templates, projects, etc.!

THanks for a chance to win! Congrats on all your hits

Nancy Riley said...

Awesome blog candy, Chat! Very generous!

B - Blog Title and Link ... iSTAMP ... http://stampinat6213.blogspot.com/
SCS Username: stampinat6213
L - LOVE stamping, of course! Duh!
A - About Me ... you already know everything about me, girlfriend!
C - Color ... I'm extremely color-driven but have no certain favorites. It's more about the combination of color than anything!
K - Every stamping related nitty gritty detail that runs through YOUR head !!!! (no pressure!)

Miss Miller said...

Blog-I don't have one-but I am emersonsmom on SCS!
Love my family and my friends
About me-I have been stamping for six year now. I am been fortunate to create a beautiful craft room
Colors-I am drawn to all the colors in the Apple Cider DS paper! I just love orange, greens, and chocolate chip!
K-I really want it all! I think I spend more time reading your blog than I do stamping!

Pegg S said...

B..pegg on SCS
L..stamping and creating of course!
A..love to travel and see the world! Want to go to South America next year!
C..Old Olive. I am obsessed with it right now!
K..So happy to see you started a blog. I just want to see more cards and projects you make!

Hi ..... said...

B - http://stampersim.blogspot.com
L - love my family and friends
A - about me: been a SU demo for 8-1/2 years, SAHM, and 50 pounds lighter.
C - anything pink!!!!!!
K - would love to see a subscription link so I can get notice of when you update your blog

Your blog is fabulous. I came across it on Nancy Riley's blog.

Simmy :-)

wisteriagirl said...

L-love my Lord, husband, children and stamping
A-I have just started stamping
K-want more new ideas for cards!

I just found you through my SU Demonstrator. Cindy

Cathy said...

Great and creative way to giveaway your sweet BLACK BLOG CANDY. I'll play. I would love to be the lucky stamper to have fun with this loot.

B-Me, My Stamps and I or nitestamper

L-my family, and STAMPS

A-I'm a blog surfer and love to stamp anything that doesn't move

C-Fav color is any shade of PURPLE

K-I love to see techniques, tutorials, cards, altered items, and a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Thanks so much for a chance.

Cathy said...

Sorry I put yours on the B instead of mine.

Ok the correct info is
B-Stampin Fanatic on SCS

Tricia said...

B - www.simplystamping.blogspot.com
L - Being creative, being inspired, being a blessing
A - Homeschool mom, 3 kids, wonderful husband, better blogger than SU demo!
C - Celery
K - Love easy to case ideas that look WOW!

Daz said...

L-love my dh of 21 years, my kids and stampin and scrappin
A-been stampin since 1996 back when it was Shelli and LaVonne at the head of SU
C- love all the earth tones
K-just keep up the great idea and cards!! your blog is fabulous!

CAKVD said...

Ohhhh! This is fun!
B - www.cakvd2.blogspot.com
L - I love my daughter, hubby and cat
A - stamping for 5 years
C - pink!
K - I love tutorials and to see what you've been up to.
Cheryl KVD

Melissas said...

B - whatdoyouink.blogspot.com SCS= JMumStamps
L - my family, quiet time, being creative
A - attended an SU! stamp camp in 2000, but stamped homemade gift tags one year for xmas in the 90's
C - earth tones
K - sketches, tips, techniques

Thanks for sharing!

Jaime said...

B - www.rinehart4.blogspot.com (My last name is Rinehart and there are 4 of us) :-)

L - I love God, my husband, my kiddos, my scrapbooking

A- I am not a huge stamper, although I can totally appreciate all the time that goes into it. I'm a scrapbooker and I love to make stuff!

C- My favorite color has always been blue, but since discovering scrapbook paper, I have realized that there are so many colors out there! So, I'll go with my youngest son's answer, "My favorite color is rainbow."

K- I love to see altered things. Like the decorated bag you have in the blog candy set. Or altered candy bars and such. So many creative ideas!

Debi said...

B - debiblogspace.blogspot.com
L - Love my family & friends
A - I was born on Halloween 1960
C - Earthtones are my favs
K - Your work is awesome! Love seeing your cards and projects!

Happy Stampin!

skyviewstamper said...

B - skyviewstamper
L- God and my family
A - stamping about 2 yrs
C- blue is my favorite but I love them all
K- new ideas, templates, cards,

Great blog giveaway and I need to subscribe to your blog! Love it, Love it

pescbrico said...

B- pescbrico.blogspot.com
L- My husband and my daughter
A- I like craft of all sort including stamping!
C- Green with some blue in it!
K - Anything you do and want to share will be inspiring to me! Keep going! and thanks for sharing!

starbuckseal said...

B-tired gomer on SCS

L-the Lord,family&friends&stamps!

A-im a mom,wife,dental hygienist & stamper of 10+years (not a blogger, just a blog stalker) ;)

C-FAVORITE is pink then brown (or combo of the 2)

K-Love seeing your creations along with tutorials of new/fun findings & ideas.

Your blog is favorited! Cant wait to watch it regularily. Thanks for awesome opportunity at fun blog candy.

Lori Barnett said...

B - Blog Title and link

L - Love the Lord, my wonderful hubby & kids AND collecting stamps that I haven't used yet!

A - I have 5 kids and 7 grandkids (go see them all on my blog)

C - I'm thinking my color is green right now cause that is the color I painted my NEW Craft Room! wahoo!!

K - Keep me informed of everything :) I would LOVE to see more projects that are not cards and some embossing tips and tricks.

Thanks to Nancy Riley I came over to see your blog! I'm SO GLAD she shared your blog. Can't wait to see more and more and more and more......

Amy said...

What a great idea!
B-www.amygdesigns.net aka:am2gold on SCS
L-my family and my free time
A-I'm a SAHM and SU demo for a little over a year.
C-who doesn't love chocolate chip?!
K-love to see anything new...glad you started blogging!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Becky Selecman said...

B - don't have a blog yet
L - Love my son, daughter-in-law and the 2 beautiful grandsons
A - been stamping for about 8 years
C - purple and red
K - any ideas you can come up with - your blog is great!!!

Marisa said...

B: whiterockmama on SCS
L: love God, my family, time with my
kids, quiet time to myself and
challenging my one creative gene
to come up with a decent card.
A: First stamped 4 years ago, but
seriously about 2 years ago.
C: Love the colour green, followed
by red and cream (my neutral as
I look horrible in black or
K: Love to see a subscription
option, tips, card sketches,
how to incorporate DP into a
card - have trouble with that -
and a bit about you.

Looking forward to reading your blog!!

Jan Scholl said...

L--all children and earth creatures
A--wife, mom, gramma, runner, slightly crazy
C--red, red, red and more red.
K--Just your title is worth the admission but I would love to see something off the wall.

chinamomxtwo said...

B - jeannej on SCS
L - My 2 kids above everything- the best!
A- Been stamping for yrs, took a long break and have recently restarted
C- red & pink with black
K- I found your blog thru Nancy's-and l-o-v-e what I see. You have awesome talent, and am looking forward to learning more on new techniques!
(p.s.-pick me! pick me!! pick me!!!) ;-)

Linda SS said...

B - Hoping to learn how soon!
L - Love God, family, everyone!
A - Living each day to the fullest.
C - Blue, but love them all.
K - Very creative & inspiring - THANKS for sharing with us:)

Kathie Bailey said...

B - www.justaninkling.blogspot.com
L - life, family and stamping!
A- I'm from a small town on the coast of Washington state and have been stamping for about 4 years
C- Pink
K- Lots and lots of cards, they're wonderful!

nettystamps said...

How wonderful...I love this!
L-my family and crafting of all kinds
A-I was a scrapper first and then discovered stampin' and all the possibilites it brings to the table
C-favortie colors are mosting the natural colors...greens, blues, tans...
K-altered items ideas...the more the merrier...
This blog candy would be GREAT right now as I am getting ready to work on a scrapbook of old black and white photos....hopefully this is some great karma! :)
Thanks for the chance to play...

Kathy M said...

B - SCS name: akamartin
L - Love spending time with family
A - I am also a children's book author
C - Pinks and Blues
K - Everything is an inspiration to me, so keep it coming!

Dawn Easton said...

I'm not in the US but wanted to congratulate you!!! WTG!

Julie Tosches said...

B - whimsicalnotations.blogspot.com
L - LOVE my boys! Amazing young men.
A - I have a creative side that loves everything from stamping to photography.
C - Lavender is my favorite color.
K - I love looking at creativity and new ways to use my stamps other than cards.

Thank you for asking all of these questions, and congratulations on your success!

Primas Primas Everywhere!!! said...

L-love my family, stamping, and skating
A-SAHM of 5 beautiful children and happy with where I am with God
C-I love the new in colors especially river rock... yummy
K-I love getting ideas from other people and I feel that makes me a better stamper. Your blog is beautiful and you should be VERY proud of your work...

Keri aka stampinupconsultan

Laura said...

Hi Chat, how fun is this!! OK here we go...
B - www.wishyouwerehere-laura.blogspot.com, SCS, Lov'n life in Vegas
L - playing fun games to win blog candy:)
A - I want to save the world, one card at a time, of course!
C - I am pretty infatuated with river rock at the moment.
K - I am so happy you share whatever your creative little heart comes up with!

merniebug said...

Hi Chat: Congratulations on being chosen the SCS featured stamper today...I can't think of anyone more deserving.

B-I am merniebug on SCS.

L-Love reading, writing, scrapping, card making, playing with my six dogs, and intertaining.

A-I started scrapbooking about 7 years ago when I wanted to make a scrapbook for my mother who was in a nursing home. I had just retired from 30 years as an interior designer and was at loose ends, and as it turned out, it filled the empty creative void in my life and was a lot cheaper than redecorating my house every year. Stamping just evolved with the scrapping. I've been making cards on a regular basis less than a year. Before that I'd make 1 card a month for my card club. I'm a voracious reader, and I'm writing a novel.

C-Color. Now that's a hard one to answer. I lean toward fushia in my dress, but I find I do more
peach and pink combinations, or greens on my cards. My house interior is Hunter Green and Red--And they say everyday can't be Christmas

K-You are so creative that what ever you choose to show and tell us will be much appreciated.

scfranson said...

You have a great blog, I'll be back often.
B - scottswife
L - My hubby and kids
A - I'm a stamper, scrapbooker, wife, mother, childcare provider
C - I love blues and greens, ocean colors
K - I love to see altered holiday items for any holiday.

Amy said...

B - http://sillystamper.blogspot.com/
L - My man and my dogs
A - Stamping is my therapy
C - Love bright colors
K - I like to see new ideas & new products used

Awesome site you have here. Love the way you created your header...too cool! Thanks for the opportunity to win some blog candy!

Angel said...

L~love my family and living in Hawaii!
A~about me - I was in the AF for 4 yrs.
C~fave color is red/burgundy.
K~your work is wonderful, so I'm happy with seeing anything you do!

Great blog candy ~ thanks!!

foodpartyfun said...

B - SCS: Just4fun2
L - My family and Stamping!
A - I have 2 beautiful granddaughters.
C - Pink is my very favorite color.
K - I love to see ideas and techniques for cards and altered items.

Thanks for sharing!

reflections:0) said...

Blog.... reflections crafting fun.. http://flexies.blogspot.com
SCS.... reflections:0)
Love... My D.H., dog, cat and crafting.
About you... I have been stamping for 14+yrs.
Color... I really love greens, reds, black.
Keep me informed...techniques, tips and any great new things you come up no matter how small...

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on being the Featured Stamper!

B - FLMommyof2 on SCS
L - I love my kids!
A - I have been a SU! demo for a little over a year. I have worked in the accounting dept. of a large Ford dealership for the last 17.5 years. I have been a mommy for almost 11 years. :)
C - My favorite color is So Saffron.
K - Your blog is so inspiring! Everything you create is great!

Wife2TJ said...

B - Wife2tj blog:www.ascrapaddictsblog.blogspot.com
L - I love my family, friends and STAMPING!
A- I have been married for six years (this past sat) stamping for three.
K- I love seeing cards and tutorials

This is SO cute!!! You are so creative, thank you so much for sharing this with us all!

Aunt T said...

B - aunttspaperarts.blogspot.com - tesschap
L - my kids, my husband, our chocolate lab, and all of my wonderful family & friends (and the Red Sox)
A- I started stamping in September 2002 - a few weeks after DS#2 left for college. DH was on a week long business trip and with both sons in college I was going stir crazy. I had stumbled upon a LSS over the summer so I called them and they happened to have room in a class that night!
C- Blues are my favorite but I'm loving chocolate brown too.
K- I love to see ideas for cards and projects. Love tutorials too.



Momsnack said...

B-Momsnack on SCS
L-family & friends
A-retired and loving it
C-black & white combo
K-techniques & tutorials
NancyS (momsnack)

Bluemoon said...

B - bluemoon @ blogspot (it's
barely there, scanner is not
working :( )
L - love hoarding pretty paper & cs
A - 7 years ?? bad memory lol
C - fav colours are blues/purples,
however, since using so many
different hues of SU CS I like
so many more now...even greens
K - I love blog hopping, and seeing
new projects, especially when
they have the instructions or
a tutorial with them.

What a sweeet black candy offer! :)

just4funcrafts said...

How Fun is this!!!
B - just4funcrafts.blogspot.com
L - My family, and altering everything
A- owner of online scrapbook store
C- anything but pink
K- I love new ideas, and old ones revamped!

Your stuff is great...keep it up, and thanks for the chance at your blog candy!


twinks said...

B - twinks
L - ove...being alive!
A- bout you... oldie newbie stamoer
C- olor me pink today
K- eep me informed of what you want to see in my blog: love eye candy Your SCS gallery is gorgeous, your stamp room ; a dream!

Angel Wilde said...

GREAT candy!
B - Blog: angelosity.blogspot.com SCS: angelwilde
L - ove my family which just grew as oldest got married! and I love to blurf
A- SAHM and I recently lost weight! A lot!
C- I love PINK!
K- eep stamping and showing!

~Michelle~ said...

Just found your blog through SCS and you being featured stamper....need to spend more time here!

B~ istamp31
L~ life, health, family & friends
A~ I've stamped for 15 years, but
only seriously for the last 2/3.
C~ certainly celery is my fave...
but river rock is growing on me!
K~ I love cards....your fav
products, your orginization

Cool candy...thanks for the offer!

Janet Swofford said...

B- Janet Swofford on SCS( no blog)
L-Love my God and my family!
A-Started stamping about 8 years ago
K-Tutorials with step by step pictures are so helpful for me because I'm such a visual learner

I love your blog candy! My birthday is on Halloween so I love all things Halloween.
Thank you for the great blog and for your beautiful SCS gallery!

Sandra Smart said...

B - http://thecozychair.blogspot.com/
L - I love the Lord, my family, and friends
A - extremely shy
C - Love green, but I use alot of black when decorating.
K - really find tutorials helpful.
Thanks so much!

nancy morgan said...

How fun is this = ) !!!

B: www.papersmiles.blogspot.com
L: Love God, friends, Family & of course, stamping!
A: not much to tell there
C: Chocolate anything, including paper, ink & ribbon
K: You're doing a great job, looking forward to see more of your great work & ideas

thanks so much & congrats again on being the feature stamper. I'm featuring YOU and the card I cased on my blog today !!

Gretchen said...

I just discovered your blog from browsing your gallery on SCS. I love your work! Here is my entry for the blog candy and congrats on 1000 hits!
B- grbscrap on SCS
L- love my 4 kids and stampin of course!
A- stampin' since 1997
C- red is my favorite color
K- love the inspiration! Both crafty and family!!

Connie said...

B - cj64 on SCS
L - love my family and stampin
A - SU demo for almost 4 years
C - Wild Wasabi right now!! That changes weekly!!
K - love seeing new ideas for cards and projects

Great blog. Nancy R. turned me on!!

Silke said...

B - www.silkeledlow.blogspot.com
L - Jesus, my husband and my family
A - I am german and live here 9 yrs
C - Pink
K - keep those beautiful cards

Donna said...



A-stamping for 12 years

c- red

K-photos, lots of photos, large photos

Barbara Welch said...

Hi Chat! This is such a clever way to give away the blog candy.

BLOG: Creative Stampin' Spot http://creativestampinspot.blogspot.com/
SCS name: barbara welch

LOVE - Family, Friends, Stamping, & Chocolate

ABOUT ME - SU! Demo since Jan. 1999.

COLOR - Pink of course!

KEEP - your showing your awesome cards and altered items, I love to see everything you create!

Lisa Burns said...

B - www.lisaburns.blogspot.com
L - my family, stampin', sports
A - Scrapin'-6 yrs, Stampin' -4yrs
C - love warm fall colours!
K - creative ideas, new techniques

Great job with your Blog - I haven't had mine too long either but am hoping to build an even greater circle of friends with it! Stop by and leave me a post :o)

Diane (djluvs2stamp on SCS) said...

B - www.http:// Djluvs2stamp.blogspot.com (My Little stamping spot)
L - Besides my family & friends I love Stamping!
A - I have been a SU Demo for 10+ yrs.
C - My favorite color is green (certainly celery, mellow moss & wild wasabi are my SU favs)
K - I love everything that you have done so far - keep up the great job! You are sooooo inspiring!

jackie said...

B- no blog
L- love my kid, my dogs and my
A- Been stamping for 6 years now
C- Love fall colors
K- thirsty for ideas- cards, templates, projects, etc.!

Vicky said...

B - Vicky Gould - SCS
L - love my family, dog and stampin
A - Started in 1999
C - Blush Blossom is my fav
K - Love new projects, templates, resources, new ideas for embellishments

deborahforbes972 said...

Ohhh I hope I'm not to late to win blog candy Chat!!! I love your blog - just created ( I hope) a google account so I can play!!

B - I don't have one , but I am debzi333 on SCS!
L - love my husband, my two sons and my dog - and stamping - and a lot more than that! :)
A Gosh, I think I first stamped in 1990 to save money, LOL!! I first did embossing in a no stick frying pan to save money - didn't buy a heat gun.. That didn't last long!!!

C - hmmm , I like a fair bit of colour in my cards, but I like to wear black and brown a lot . Brown is the new black!

K- Love seeing your ideas, learing a little more about you, the tutorials are great!

MWIT said...

B - www.mwit.blogspot.com (Night Owl Stamper on SCS)
L - love God, my hubby, my dog, Fall, and of course my stamps!
A - I would love to be a mommy.
C - anything (except black) combined with brown
K - Love your blog and love your card layouts; they are so unique! Please continue to share your creations - they're wonderful!

Welcome to the world of blogging nad thanks for the chance to win! So fun. :)

dasimonds said...

B...no blog..dasimonds on SCS
L...Love "Life"..my family, friends
and my stampin
A...Have been stamping for about 4
years and SU demo for a month
C...My favorite color is Red..but
I do love working with them all
K...I find it very inspiring to see
other cards and ideas...
techniques and tutorials..
Thanks for the chance to WIN your blog candy.


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