Nov 15, 2008

Birthday Treat

Vacation pics to share...
I have just come back from a great and
very refreshing vacation last week with my DH and kids.
I have been looking forward to coming back to
Napa Valley since we were there 4 years ago.
I fell in love with the place again. Visiting the
towns and vineyards, dining, enjoying the scenery
and the beautiful accomodation was more than
I hoped for. It was heightened by a 2 day trip in
San Francisco-where we did more dining and
crusing by the bay. I must say it was a real
birthday treat.

Here are some pics that are worth sharing
pic.1 Taken at the Meritage Vineyard in Napa Valley
pic.2 Beautiful Napa countryside

pic.3 Just driving around towards Geyserville and saw these beautiful row of trees.
pic.4 Old Geyser in Calistoga

pic.5 Took this pic while we were crossing the bridge.

pic. 6 Captured these 2 birds with
view of San Francisco.


Desire Fourie said...

So glad to hear that you had a wonderful b'day breakaway. Your photographs are breathtaking, so well composed, Hugs from Desire

Nancy Riley said...

That's some gorgeous scenery, Chat! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend! What a great b-day present!

Dayna said...

Beautiful pictures. Cheered me up on a blustery Minnesota day

Patty Bennett said...

You were right here and didn't even call or come to a stamp class!? oh man! :) Next time... drop me a line. :) Patty

denise;) said...

OMG- you were like an hour away from me!! And you picked the perfect time for coming to the wine country- i live in Sonoma Co and the vineyards are fantastic right now. We're staying at the Meritage as well- i think in Feb (free weekend for listening to a time share presentation!)

Happy Belated Birthday- and next time you come out this way, give me a holler!

denise:) said...

oh, and i was so happy to see you came here i forgot to say AWESOME PICS! lol! beautiful!

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