Apr 24, 2008


You Cheer Me Up Award !!!

Kelly (My Little Hobby) gave me this cute Lucy
"You Cheer Me Up Award". Every now and then, we need friends to cheer us up. Thanks Kelly.You are awesome !!!

Here are the Ethels and Lucys that deserve this award.

Jean (Bear Hugs and Inky Paws) is the Ethel in my circle of friends. I get goofy at times and she is just right there by my side. She is a talented stamper and always share her great ideas.

Barb (Creative Stampin'Spot) is definitely a Lucy. I just sit back and watch her do things like she
had those vitamins that Lucy takes. She is uber organized and a very talented stamper.

Sarah ( My Scrapbook Table) She could be Lucy the way she run her home and takes care of the kids. It is amazing how she even finds time to stamp, but she does. She has amazing talent
and her cards are awesome.

Mercy (Lord have Mercy) She could be both, but I could be wrong. I know what she is for sure,
a very talented and creative stamper.

Flossie (Flossie's Follies) I will have to say Lucy.
Flossie always cheer me up with her comments and her blog is full of wonderful creations.
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